Sunday, September 24, 2006


In a previous post, I mentioned having written a poem for a comrade who had died. This was back in 1987, but that comrade still influences my attitude towards political work and activity. His name was Charlie McCaffrey. This was the poem:

We stand like red gums
at the river’s edge;
witness to his silent passing.
branched arms outstretched…
unable to touch.

old man river.
no shallow traps.
no hidden snags,
no currents of treachery,
only life flowing strongly,
but flowing…

Oh, we saw his anger –
like a torrent in flood;
satisfaction –
like a pond at dusk;
laughter –
like a morning stream.

With the river’s passing
the bed is dry.
Dry and waiting,
waiting for younger waters,
already poised,
taking up where he left off,
anticipating the distant promise of thunder
and the cleansing of the rain.


Anonymous said...

Did Vanguard publish a biography at the time. I've been reading the Vanguard for years but dont recall any mention of this comrade.

Mike said...

Yes, there was a half page eulogy published at that time. I remember 'cos I wrote it!

bandy787 said...

greetings mike
charlie was my uncle
been looking for info on him
i would love to ask you about him

Mike said...

Bandy787 - can you send me your email as a follow-up comment on this page? I won't publish it here, but will contact you through it.