Thursday, August 09, 2007

A People's Alternative to APEC

Let Howard and Bush Know Australians
Don't Want their APEC Agenda

Melbourne Conference

Saturday 1st September
10.00am - 6.00pm

Casey Plaza Lecture Theatre
Bowen Street, RMIT
LaTrobe Street entrance
near corner Swanston Street, City

President Bush, Prime Minister Howard and political heads from other countries will gather in Sydney in early September 2007 for the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Conference to plan their economic, political and military agenda for the Asia Pacific Region and Oceania.

APEC is used by the region's rulers and multinational corporations to promote and co-ordinate policies that lead to greater hardship and impoverishment for the people of Asia-Pacific and Oceania.

APEC promotes multinationals' agenda that leads to greater exploitation of workers, growing deprivation of millions of people in developing countries; state sponsored terror, murder and torture of government opponents in some countries of the region.

In Australia, Howard's IR laws and erosion of democrtic rights are the result of these policies.

APEC co-ordinates policies that undermine peoples' democratic rights and civil liberties under the cover of the so called "war on terrorism".

The policies of APEC lead to wars of aggression and increased militarisation by the US in the Asia Pacific region with Australia acting as the region's US Deputy Sheriff.

APEC's environmental policies ensure that corporate profits come before health and safety of people and protection of the environment.

US Interests Dominate APEC

America dominates APEC to secure its economic and military control of the region. This leads to increased militarisation of the region by the US to protect its economic interests in the Asia Pacific region and Oceania. The region is threatened by pre-emptive wars of aggression.

We cannot allow APEC, the Federal Government and mass media propaganda about APEC to go unchallenged and unanswered.

A Peoples Alternative APEC Conference will be held in Melbourne to put forward a People's Agenda.

Please join us at a people's conference that will lay bare APEC's real role and impact and put forward a people's alternative to APEC's economic, political, enviornment and military agenda.
PDF Leaflet attached.
Information: CEPU - 9349 4411.
Organised by the International League of Peoples' Struggles - Australia.

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