Sunday, November 04, 2007

Management Thuggery

The Howard Government has turned union bashing into an art form in the lead-up to November’s Federal election.

Shamefully, Rudd and Gillard give substance to Howard’s attacks with their disgraceful treatment of people like Dean Mighell (Electrical Trades Union) and Joe McDonald (Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union).

However, nothing is said or done when bosses make threats.

Take the case of TransAdelaide general manager Bill Watson. Watson lost his cool at an enterprise bargaining meeting with SA Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union officials on August 7.

Referring to documents about the relocation of the Adelaide rail depot yards to make way for a new hospital, Watson threatened to “hunt down and kill” anybody he found who had leaked details to the media.

Ray Hancox, and organizer for the union, said “I objected and said those remarks were a bit out of place, a bit strong, and to retract them and he basically repeated what he said before that he would hunt them down and kill them.”

Union secretary Ashley Waddell wrote to Watson on August 21 asking for an apology, and one was eventually received on September 10.

That’s a full month and three days since Hancox’s original request for a retraction. Seems some people take a long time to regain their composure.

What we won’t see though are Howard Government TV ads featuring Watson’s photo with “Management Thuggery” stamped across his forehead.

And I won’t hold my breath waiting for Rudd to say anything either!

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