Monday, April 14, 2008

Sydney and Melbourne ralllies support Chinese national sovereignty

Rallies in support of China's national sovereignty and against media bias were called last weekend by groups such as the Australia-China Friendship Society and the New Asian Students Group, resulting in unexpectedly huge turnouts.

The rallies reflect the widespread and just indignation of Chinese and other peoples at the activities of the Tibetan separatist cliques and their reactionary support groups, such as Reporters Without Borders.

They express the disgust at the lies and distortions carried by the mainstream capitalist media on the issues of separatist violence in Lhasa and elsewhere, and the Chinese government's restoration of order in the affected parts of China.

Thousands of Chinese studying in, or citizens of, Australia turned out for the Sunday rallies in Melbourne and Sydney.

Unlike the disruptive activities of the separatists who have endangered athletes and members of the public involved in the Olympic torch runs, the peaceful expressions of support for China received little or no media coverage, highlighting the media's hostility to the People's Republic of China.

There was some coverage on Sunday evening's TV news, but one station minimised the significance of the rallies, saying that "several hundred people attended..." while the multicultural SBS station ended its news report with images of saintly Tibetan monks, ensuring that this was the visual image implanted on the audience and ensuring that the station's loyalties were clearly on display.

As for the print media, there was not one report that I could find in either of the Adelaide Advertiser, Melbourne Age, Melbourne Herald Sun or the Sydney Morning Herald, although I admit that in the case of the latter three papers, I only had access to their online editions.

Here is BBC footage of the Sydney rally. Other Youtube videos are now appearing that expose the Tibetan separatists and their CIA-NED financiers.

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