Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Support Israeli conscientious objectors

Name: Tamar Katz

Age: 19

Location: Tel-Aviv

Why I am one of the Shministim:“I refuse to enlist in the Israeli military on conscientious grounds. I am not willing to become part of an occupying army, that has been an invader of foreign lands for decades, which perpetuates a racist regime of robbery in these lands, tyrannizes civilians and makes life difficult for millions under a false pretext of security.”

First Sentence: 28th Sept. - 10th Oct. 2008 (12 days)

Second Sentence: 12th - 30th Oct. 2008 (18 days)

Third Sentence: 1st - 22nd Dec. 2008 (21 days)

Please take a moment to look at this link:

Young Israelis are refusing to join the Israeli Army to oppress Palestinians. They are 19 year olds who are refusing to do compulsory military service. On the website are personal profiles of some of these young people, a two-minute video, and an email to be sent to the Israeli Minister for Defence.

These young people are refusing to be part of an army of occupation.

Please support them.

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