Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Radioactive dust storm...coming your way!

“What do we do when this dust is radioactive?”

Two days ago, residents of the mid-north of South Australia reported that it was raining mud.

They were referring to the fact that a massive dust storm had been whipped up in advance of a rain front that had overtaken it and rained down through it.

That dust storm moved east, plunging Broken Hill into blackness, as captured on this home movie on Youtube:

It then hit Brisbane and then Sydney as these amazing photos by ninemsn photographer Shaun Davies show.

People living in the path of this massive dust storm have got to start asking their friends, their workmates, families and politicians the question in boldface above, namely, “What do we do when this dust is radioactive?”

That’s because BHP-Billton is going to turn its underground mine at Roxby Downs, Olympic Dam, into the world’s largest open cut uranium mine. I won’t take up space here detailing the implications of this. You can go to these links to two earlier posts on the topic of dust storms and radioactivity:
And check out film-maker David Bradbury's views on the Coober Pedy Regional Times website:

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