Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Save Arkaroola!

Public submissions on the SA government report titled “Seeking a Balance: Conservation and resource use in the Northern Flinders Ranges” are due by December 19.

There is no better overview of the issues surrounding the Report, which open significant parts of the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary to the threat of continued minerals exploration and subsequent mining, than that provided by Bill Doyle on his blog Unknown SA.

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary directors Marg Sprigg and Doug Sprigg have major concerns for the future of this iconic treasure house. They recently established http://www.savearkaroola.com.au/ to defend the sanctuary.

This is an area with iconic status and legislative protection should be developed to ensure that no further mineral exploration takes place, and that mining within the sanctuary is forever banned.

The mapping of areas outside of the Sanctuary based on landscape quality, biodiversity values and Aboriginal heritage should be used to define Access Zones as per the Report. However, there should be a rigorous protection of those areas once defined. Strict guidelines and an independent process should exist in relation to any future variation of these Zones. The Report states in its concluding paragraph:

As new information comes to light over the years ahead on the region’s resource potential and geoscientific values and on the environmental, landscape and biodiversity values…the management zones will be further refined to ensure that the unique environmental and landscape values of the region are protected.

The latter paragraph is a major loophole in the Report’s purported commitment to protecting the values of the Northern Flinders Ranges. These weasel words provide no guarantees for ongoing protection of the region’s unique aesthetic qualities, its geological treasures, and its endangered or rare fauna and flora.

What is required is not a flawed management plan but ongoing legislative protection of the region’s unique aesthetic qualities, its geological treasures, and its endangered or rare fauna and flora.

Make a submission now (examples on the Sprigg website above).

Despoiling Arkaroola for greed and uranium
Is a perfect example of a bloody no-brainium!


Anonymous said...

has everyone read the disclaimer on the bottom of 'seeking a balance' doc!! - it states: "“DISCLAIMER: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure
the contents of this publication are factually correct, the
Department for Environment and Heritage makes no
representations and accepts no responsibility for the
accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular
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Departmental endorsement of the company, product or
Therefore they admit it may not be correct, complete or even accurate!! ... but wish the general public to treat it seriously!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I urge everyone concerned to read my submission to Jason and Ted (public submission committee DEH and PIRSA)and take action at
this address:


Please make a submission.

Dr Simon Brealey, President of PESA (Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia) South Australian Chapter.