Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aboriginal Customary Law and Culture Movement

Aboriginal community leaders have announced the launch of a weekly television program, which can be seen on this website: http://www.4-days-in-july.org/

The program is hosted by John Hartley and David Salomon. In the first episode, David intrerviews John about the background to the Ampilatwtja walkoff and the construction of the protest house which was aided by the CFMEU and other unions.

During the show, John sings two of his songs, Poison in the Water, and Let it Shine.

The "4 days in July" taken for the name of the website refers to a historic national convergence of Aboriginal leaders which will take place in Alice Springs from July 6 - 9 2010 to condemn the racist Northern Territory Intervention and to demand the unconditional restoration of the suspended Racial Discrimination Act.

For further information on the Ampilatwatja issue, scroll down to page 12 on the following link:

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