Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A talk with Ark Tribe

South Australian construction worker Ark Tribe will return to court on July 20 to face charges that he refused to attend a secret inquisition conducted by the notoriously anti-worker Australian Building and Construction Commission.

If convicted, Ark faces a mandatory six months in gaol, and Julia Dullard will try and lead the Anti Labour Party (ALP) to victory in a federal election with a rank and file worker rotting in a cell for standing up to the intimidation and harassment of the boss class.

In the video, Ark reflects on the circumstances that led to him facing charges and on the tremendous support that has been forthcoming for the stand he has taken.

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Anonymous said...

Anti- Labour Party is right !
The recent ,inner party, parliamentary palace coup ,shows it is now an anti- nationalist, Comprador lackey agent Party of the Multinationals .
The Multi-Nationals are the main force behind these near fascist ,anti- worker ,anti union draconian laws and secret ‘star chambers” investigations and threats of jail without trial or right to legal defense for workers .
These star chamber industrial relation set ups are continuing the class war whatever political party is in power Labor or Liberal.
This is the legal “democracy” and freedom for the bourgeois class .At its bottom lies the armed forces of the state.
The threat and power to intimidate workers and break the unions is most important . The point may not be to actually send Ark Tribe to Gaol . Although this may happen if they perceive the working people are not determined to fight back.
Should the workers actually take to the streets and withdraw labour nationally ,compromises may be made as with the Clarrie Oshea case ,where fines were paid on “his behalf”, so that he could be released legally.
But we live in different times than that time .Unions are not the organized force they once were only a small minority of the Unions are “militant”
Gillard knows ,she was not installed in power by a parliamentary party coup to serve the Australian people .
Gillard and other plotters , arranged a deal to push aside the ALP leader elected by the Australian people , in order to serve the imperialists interests .
This too demonstrates the sham of parliamentary democracy in practice .
The reality of parliamentary politics is the behind the curtain deals of the ruling classes .
So, the working people have a lot to fear from a Labor Party led by scheming politicians of the Gillard type, more interested in ego and power, in serving imperialism, than in serving the Australian people as a whole , or even the Australian capitalist class.
Now the ALP simply serves the Rentier class of Finance Capital Imperialism .
The old once patriotic ALP is no more.
If Gillard And the ALP was prepared to sellout the Australian capitalist class over the resources tax , the working people and class can expect little better from the ALP in the future .
Unless the Australian people learn to unite to fight back for national independence and really democratic industrial relations.