Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pyne occhio has got to go!

Thanks to my friend Kate for this inspired comment on the Abbott-Pyne dismantling of Gonski:
And it came to pass

That the terrible Daemon Christopher Pyne MP didst preside over the Australian Education System

And pronounce one day that "Gonski was a goner" and "Shorten was a shambles"

And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth

And the teachers at the public schools didst remove their shoes

And smite Pyne's likeness all across the land,

Crying "Down with the Daemon and all his cohorts"

And the small children and adolescents in Public Schools cried out:

"Woe, woe

Verily it is true that, under this government, those who have will receive more, and those who have not will receive bugger all"

And rise up from their desks did they, and rend their school uniforms in twain,

And up and down the land, didst set fire to all the shiny European late-model vehicles outside the leafy private schools

Causing the mummies and daddies to grieve mightily

And cry "Woe to us for voting for the Daemon Pyne, for he has caused the social fabric of our people to dissolve

And our Australian Dream to be laid waste utterly"


We raised our hands for Gonski.

Now those hands must become fists!!!


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