Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ukrainian anti-fascists stop Kiev military

The collapse of the military push by the Kiev coup leaders into Eastern Ukraine, coming so soon after CIA Director John Brennan met with the nationalist glove puppets, and in the wake of deputy US imperialist chief Joe Biden's recent visit,shows that the contention and struggle between the US and Russia over their respective spheres of influence is far from over.
A total of 21 armoured vehicles were either liberated by anti-fascist Ukrainians, or forced by them into withdrawal.  They were not seized by armed “terrorists”, but by local people who disarmed the soldiers.  This was agreed to by the Kiev troops’ commander.  His surrender of assault rifles to anti-fascist citizens is a major humiliation for the nationalists and fascists in Kiev, and shows that whilst they may have the support of the US imperialists, they are steadfastly opposed by a substantial part of the population of the Ukraine.
None of this is reported in the Western media, or if there is mention, it is distorted.  Anti-fascists are portrayed as pro-Russian thugs.  The photo below, from Bloomberg News, has armed anti-fascists captioned as “masked pro-Russian gunmen”.  It is simply easier to demonise these opponents of fascism and US imperialism by describing them only as “pro-Russian”, when even a non-Ukrainian speaker can identify the anti-fascist content of their banner and slogans.
Conversely, very little is done to explain through the Western media the obsession of the Kiev coup leaders and supporters with WW2 Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera and his boss Adolf Hitler.
Images such as those below, taken after the coup in Kiev, are certainly available to be searched for on the Internet, but they have rarely been seen in Western media. 
(Above: skinhead and others fascists march under a portrait of Nazi scum collaborator Stepan Bandera.  Below: Bandera's portrait hung at the entrance to the Kiev Council.)


(Above: Reverence for a monster in today's Kiev).

The uncomfortable truth about the Kiev coup leaders and their supporters has been concealed by Murdoch and Co.
We are still in the era of imperialism.  We are still in the age of the struggle to redefine spheres of influence and control.

What is relatively new in the wake of the global financial crisis is the resurgence of actual fascism.  Golden Dawn appeared in Greece and Nazi and neo-Nazi groups are organising across Europe.
This calls for great efforts on the part of anti-fascists to unite and roll back fascism and its garden bed of shit-fertilised imperialism.

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