Monday, July 09, 2007

Canada's Aboriginal Peoples Face Similar Struggle

(The banner above was carried by Canadian Aboriginal activists on the June 29 Aboriginal Day of Action.)
The monopoly capitalist rulers of Canada are pushing for greater access to the hereditary lands of the traditional owners of Canada, in much the same way and for exactly the same reasons that the mining companies are trying to expedite their access to Aboriginal lands here.

In Australia, the latest offensive against the indigenous population comes in the form of the Trojan Horse that is Howard's professed concern for victims of child sexual abuse in remote Aboriginal communities. Howard's aim is to use the degraded circumstances of many indigenous Australians - poverty, lack of housing, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and child molestation - against the traditional land owners whose rights are currently enshrined in various State and Territory Land Rights Acts, by using federal law to resume control over the lands and abolish the permit system that grants the traditional owners some control over who enters their lands.

Canadian Prime Monster Stephen Harper is leading the offensive against the Six Nations of Turtle Island (Northern America). He has openly declared that our Prime Monster Howard is an inspiration! Harper is proposing a "new land claims process" and a "new form of identification for Natives living in Canada". No doubt this latter will be picked up by Howard to stop people here self-identifying as Aboriginal people. The ruling classes around the world constantly share experience in suppressing the people.

Our comrades in the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) released a statement on June 28, the eve of this year's Aboriginal Day of Action in Canada, entitled Let Us Together Defeat the Ideology and Practices of Colonialism. For anyone vaguely interested in Aboriginal rights in Australia, it is well worth accessing this article here, and sharing the experiences of our Canadian brothers and sisters in relation to indigenous issues.

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