Friday, July 06, 2007

Joe McDonald Vindicated on Site Safety

When a video was released some months ago showing West Australian CFMEU Assistant secretary Joe McDonald arguing with a building boss about his right to have a meeting of CFMEU members on safety issues, the anti-union lobby went berserk.
Chief among them was ALP Opposition leader Kevin Rudd, who demanded Joe's expulsion from the ALP. Joe had apparently insulted the dogs of the nation by calling the building boss a "fucking , thieving parasite dog".

But at 9am on Thursday July 5, a metre-square concrete slab plummeted 16 storeys to the ground, prompting workers to walk off the job and call for Joe to assist them.

"I am so glad that no-one has died here today," said Joe.

Sixteen floors above the Perth CBD we have had cement panels collapse exposing up to 50 workers and the general public to potential death and serious injury."

Referring to the incident which had caused Rudd to lose his marbles, McDoanld said "On that day I swore. Today tonnes of concrete collapsed from the 16th floor. Which of these is more serious?"
Neither construction company Q-Con nor Kevin Rudd were prepared to comment.

P.S. Joe's a real fashion plate. In the photo above, his braces are adorned with the Eureka flag.

But this lot below are pretty good too!


Anonymous said...

Great article! Specially the braces!

The link to the Bishop article on the Mao badges doesn't work. Can ytou replace it?

I had a look at the Flickr with envy!


Mike said...

Thanks for the tip re the Bishop link. It should work now...very interesting article.