Thursday, February 21, 2008

Too many coincidences

What do these houses have in common? Anyway, whose are they and does it matter?

Number 1:

Number 2

Do these paragraphs have anything in common?

Number 1

From Marathon Resources annual report, 25/10/2005, where they propose to mine Mt Gee heritage site in the heart of Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary.

"John Santich Chief Executive Officer has …established companies....including ……Solarshop Pty Ltd. "

Number 2


Project 1
Location: Premier of SA Mike Rann's House
Inverter Maximum Power: 150W
Inverter Model: 8 x Plug&Power
Solar Panel Model: 8 x Siemens 150W
Solar Power: 1,200W

Answers: Let's try Sheoak Drive, Belair for the Marathon man, the slow runner, principal in fact of Marathon shareholder Sheoak Runner Ltd., Dr John Santich for photo one. Photo 2 is Colliver St, Norwood, home of SA Premier Mike Rann, aka Mike the Miner.

And, from John Speohr’s book, 2003, Power Politics: The Electricity Crisis and You:

Not so John Spoehr. More informed analysts know that it would be far more advantageous for all those who invest in private panels for their houses, to put the same money into a cooperative or public project located in a high sun area connected to the grid, like Coober Pedy. Collectively, we would all be better off. Higher energy returns, lower collective costs, huge efficiencies in installation.

So who won, and who wins, when the government’s Minister for Sustainable Energy makes it a private promotion?

Too many coincidences!

So what do these men have in common? More coincidences?
(and why is he smiling?)

Number 1 Mike the Miner aka Mike Rann, Premier of South Australila

Number 2 Dr John Santich

Not forgetting number 3 The Hon Paul Holloway, State Minister for Mineral Resources Development, who officially opened the new offices of Marathon Resources at Port Road, Adelaide on 20 July 2007.

Who is the missing shareholder? From the Marathon ResourcesTop 20 Shareholders, December 2007:
Sheoak Runner Pty Ltd 418,000
Undisclosed Shareholder 415,500

From the Top 20, September 2007:
Mrs Georgia Georgaklis 415,500

Whose car?

Whose Place?

What Meeting?


Whose words about which mine in the heart of a wilderness sanctuary?

“and we have essentially the approval of the state government
– it’s supported it in every possible way.”

(Answer: Dr John Santich)

This government has used harsh language lately, but it’s been careful to avoid the obvious – Ban mining in Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary! Now we can begin to understand why. Can it be they seek to distance themselves from their mining mates in an effort to avoid revealing close connections with the principals of an enterprise they’ve chummed up to in the past, and probably will again with disastrous consequences for a previously pristine wilderness?.


Or this?

Or this?

The Professor of commercial geology at Adelaide University, Professor Plimer had this to say:

“There are more than enough uranium mines in SA to mine ahead of the Marathon (Mt Gee) deposit.” Page 15, The Independent Weekly, Saturday 15 February.

Act now – write to have mining banned in Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary.

Where are the silent Ministers, the Minister for Tourism, and the Minister for the Environment?
When will we hear from them?


xanthopus said...

So, do we actually have a Minister for the Environment at the moment, then? That's a relief! I'll look up who it is...

Just checked - seems we do indeed, and she's in the left faction, apparently, so she'd be in there fighting this one tooth and nail!...

Just checked again - her contributions to date have consisted of announcing that it's really nothing to do with her and leaving it all to the Minerals Minister. The only thing she's done since is to rush in to defend the State Govts world's-best-ever regulatory regime when the 22 800 radioactive bags were discovered... Wonder what she's going to say about that other site in Arkaroola where it seems all those other drums were buried more than 2 years ago?

But I'm sure she's just waiting for the right moment to rush in and do the right thing... just like the Tourism Minister must be...

Malt said...

On that note, where is Penny Wong? Was'nt she given the climate change folio due to the particular climate issues facing SA? She certainly has not replied to me in the last 4 months. Maybe she has forgotten SA on account of her federal far the greatest % of plant and animal species of SA is in the Flinders ranges..and of course mining and overgrazing is a major threat to this part of the state...if she cant join the dots in her own states not sure how she can be effective of a national basis?