Monday, September 22, 2008

New response to Wall Street crisis

NEW York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has outlawed extreme thrill seekers who dodge police to jump or hang from high buildings.

The Bill signed by Bloomberg "prohibits climbing, jumping or suspending oneself from structures without the approval of the police department and the owner of the structure".

The law targets freelance practioners of a sport known as BASE jumping, which stands for Building, Antenna, Span or Earth.

Climbers scale large objects, sometimes descending by parachute or wingsuit.

"Recent high-profile stunts in Manhattan have brought both the appeal and the danger of this hobby to light," the mayor's office said.

"Valuable city resources are dedicated to responding to these events - resources that could be better utilised to respond to other emergencies," the office said.

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Anonymous said...

nah, wishfull thinking the bankrupt bankers will not jump out of windows.Like stuntmen falling onto cardboard boxes ,bankrupt bankers now fall onto a web, or pile of fresh capital ,their fall cushioned by the fed buying up their debts.