Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cochlear workers take message to Youtube

Dear Friend

I am writing to thank you for supporting the listen up Cochlear campaign through the Labour Start website. Our campaign has led to almost 4000 emails being sent the Cochlear CEO Dr Chris Roberts. This campaign has been a massive inspiration to Cochlear workers.

Unfortunately Cochlear management are still refusing to negotiate with the AMWU (the Union for Cochlear workers).Last month Cochlear used Australia’s unfair workplace laws to force their employees onto individual contracts. Under these new contracts Cochlear workers will have their pay tied to monthly production targets. Some workers stand to lose up to $80 each week.

These new contacts come into effect on the 6th of November 2007.

Cochlear workers are fighting not only for a fair deal at work but to change Australia’s workplace laws. They have made a video message to the Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Mr Howard is currently spending millions of Australian tax payer dollars to promote his unfair workplace laws.

Please support the Cochlear workers by taking two actions

1. Watch the Youtube video
2. Please forward this video to all of your contacts

You can watch the Youtube video by clicking on the link below:

Thanks for your continued support
Daniel Kyriacou
Ph-0408 283 226

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