Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Melbourne protest against IR laws

More than 25,000 workers and their supporters took to the streets of Melbourne yesterday to protest against the Howard Government's fascist IR laws.

Prominent among the marchers were hundreds of children, brought to the rally by parents concerned for their future in a world where job security and protection from unfair dismissal have disappeared.

Also prominent were members of the CFMEU, the union hardest hit by the Federal Government through its Australian Building and Construction Commission watchdog.

CFMEU officials visited a number of workplaces yesterday advising members not to strike in order to take part in the rally, otherwise they would be liable to individual fines of $28,600 levied by the ABCC.

What a pathetic joke Howard has reduced bourgeois democracy to in this country.

Follow this link and watch a short video of yesterday's impressive rally:,23599,22484915-1243,00.html


LeftyHenry said...

It's good to hear that worker's in Australia are mobilizing. Forgive my ignorance on Australia but what do the IR laws mean for the working class?

Mike said...

The Howard government has passed legislation severely curtailing the rights of unions and allowing employers to force workers onto individual contracts, called Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs). It is a legislative denial of the right to collective bargaining and the right to belong to a union.