Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Arkaroola: further contamination to be revealed?

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary despoiler Marathon Resources (ASX code MTN) may have added to its contamination of the pristine wilderness environment near Mt Gee, according to one report circulating in shareholder chatrooms.
The report follows:

Preliminary assessments by a group of independent engineers have discovered extraordinary levels of dangerous nitrate pollution contaminating underground aquifers adjacent to the illegal MTN burial dumps at Mt Gee.
Evidence has been found that the extreme contamination levels in the water are poisoning wildlife depending on natural soakage springs where the highly contaminated water seeps to the surface.
MTN appears to be aware of the polluted subterranean water discovery but are practicing a "code of silence".

However now the word is out, the Conservation Council will be calling on the SA Govt to explain why results of these contamination investigations have been restricted.

The ramifications of this discovery are enormous. Compensation claims by affected indigenous and pastoral occupants are likely and remedial work costs will be never ending. When it appears that the Mt Gee tragedy can't get any worse, every day and in every way, MTN finds a way to sink lower and lower.

These bastards should be kicked out of Arkaroola once and for all.

Arkaroola must be protected from mining by special legislation NOW!!!

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nigel said...

The Marathon story just gets worse...what ever happened to govt in SA, EPA, Water Authority.....did Marathon lodge a bond with SA govt...