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Democratic Socialism is Capitalism Pt 10

(This is Part 10 of Wu Bin's refutation of the restorationist agenda advanced by Xie Tao and others. Links to previous chapters that I have translated are at the bottom - Mike)

10. Promoting the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and wanting China to take the path of Western constitutional government.

Mr Xie Tao completely negates the history of the several decades of socialist revolution and construction in our country, attacks the Anti-Rightist Campaign, the people’s communes, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, and opposes the dictatorship of the proletariat. Slandering the socialist system “as unable to safeguard democracy, safeguard human rights, or defend the dignity of the Constitution”, and at the same time as Mr Xie Tao demands the complete “end” of socialism, he brings out his flag of capitalist “constitutional democracy” and wants our country to “take the path of democratic socialism”, saying: “Some people say our system is excellent but refuse to study Western democracy or the separation of the three powers. Whether a system is good or not is not a question of theory but a practical issue.” He says: “The reform of the political system can no longer be delayed. Attempting to retain the Mao Zedong model of a political system, and only reforming and opening up in the economy, will be to follow the failed path of Chiang Kai-shek and the Guomindang’s bureaucratic capitalism. Only constitutional democracy can fundamentally solve the problem of corruption in the ruling party. Only democratic socialism can save China!” He says: “There are now inner-party deliberations on the separation of the powers (the separation of decision-making, supervision and implementation: the Party Congress and the Standing Committee to exercise decision-making power, the Party Central Committee to exercise executive power, and the Central Discipline Commission to exercise the power of supervision), and on the democratization of the leadership system, in order to achieve a breakthrough in the reform of the political system and in some local experimental areas. From absolute rejection to combining the exploration of the separation of the three powers with its practical form is a major breakthrough in the political reform of the guiding ideology.” He pointed out: “As the ruling party, the Communist party must make fundamental changes in its method of operation”. Then he says, “From reform of the system of leadership by the ruling party to reform of the country’s political system, this two-step strategy, may well be a constitutional path with Chinese characteristics”.

Mr Xie Tao’s ideas are very clear! He wants China to implement the so-called “constitutional democracy”, “the two-step strategy”, and to go along with what He Weifang and others clamoured for at last year’s March 4 Xishan Conference. We remember that on March 4 last year, He Weifang proposed: implementing a “constitutional model” is a prerequisite for a “multi-party system”, and the Communist Party can no longer continue as a ruling party. In evaluating what He Weifang had raised, the Voice of America said that this must be the “core question of China’s political reform”. Mr Xie Tao’s “constitutional democracy” and He Weifang’s “constitutional model” are birds of a feather. He Weifang proposes to implement “an independent judicial system”, so Xie Tao proposes that “the National Peoples Congresses at all levels should implement the authority of the Parliaments of the democratic countries”; He Weifang proposes the “illegality of the Communist Party”, so Mr Xie Tao believes that “the reform of the guiding ideology of the political system” requires a “breakthrough”, a “separation of the three powers”.

In opposing the deceitful propaganda of Chiang Kai-sheks’s so-called implementation of “constitutional democracy”, Chairman Mao once said something like, “What is constitutional government? … What kind of democratic government do we need today? New-democratic government, the constitutional government of New Democracy. Not the old, outmoded, European-American type of so-called democracy which is bourgeois dictatorship…” “The sort of constitutional government which the Chinese die-hards are talking about is the old type of bourgeois democracy found abroad.” “The Chinese national bourgeoisie, on the other hand, does want this type of constitutional government and would like to establish a bourgeois dictatorship in China,” but for us “The constitutional government to be promoted is new-democratic constitutional government”. “What is new-democratic constitutional government? It is the joint dictatorship of several revolutionary classes over the traitors and reactionaries.” “At the present time the so-called constitutional and democratic governments of countries like Britain, France and the United States are in fact man-eating governments” (Selected Works of Mao Zedong, Vol. 2, New Democratic Constitutional Government).

(Chairman Mao taking a "constitutional" of his own at Xibaipo in Hebei Province in 1949 on the eve of the PLA's entry into Beijing.)

Only socialism can save China – this is the unbreakable truth that only emerged after the experience of untold hardship and the sacrifice of more than 20 million lives in the revolution led by the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman Mao. Wanting to turn back the wheel of history, to practice private ownership and implement the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, to restore capitalism, is the wishful thinking of Mr Xie Tao and his accomplices. The Chinese working class and the Chinese people must not allow them to do this!


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