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The Establishment of the Foshan Communism Group

(The following announcement was posted on a Chinese language website on July 12. I don't know how widespread this sort of thing is, but it indicates that there is a need felt by some people in China for a Marxist-Leninist form of organisation to fight against the restorationist trend and for the path chartered by Mao Zedong. I have translated this for the information of comrades with an interest in China.)

June 15, 2008

The meeting began at 3pm and ended at 5pm. Eight young comrades were present and one was absent. The meeting took place at the home of a comrade in the Foshan City Central District.

Hung around the walls were two one-metre high portraits of Marx and Engels and right opposite them at the rear was a portrait of Chairman Mao, while on a table were heaps of revolutionary literature for study and discussion. When the meeting opened everyone took photos.

The meeting unanimously agreed to take Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought as the group’s guiding ideology, to uphold Chairman Mao’s “three do’s and three don’ts” (practise Marxism and not revisionism; unite and don’t split; and be open and aboveboard and don’t intrigue and conspire), persist in class struggle against the gang, firmly oppose peaceful evolution, and resolutely safeguard the socialist system.

The meeting held that communists should participate more in social practice, and become familiar with, and maintain contact with, comrades in other places. We should go deeply into the grassroots levels, and work in the interests of the broad masses of the people, especially the workers, peasants and others among the vulnerable sectors.

The meeting also analysed the current domestic situation after the reforms towards capitalism and the opening of the past 30 years, and believed that it was necessary to seize the opportunity to counter revisionism and the bourgeois liberalisation trend of thought.

The comrades at the meeting first of all discussed what they had gone through and experienced, and stated their respective views. They then put forward a vision for the future, and endorsed the time at university as one for propagating communism and developing new comrades. Finally, we exchanged ways of having contact.

The comrades at the meeting also discussed the recent controversy of the Third Reform as well as problems related to the Property Law that has been rushed through. The participating comrades also gave close attention to the Carrefour Incident as an example of the situation of the rise of nationalist ideas, at the same time endorsing the combination of nationalism with the Leftists.

(On the "Third Reform" Zhao Yuezhi comments: "A protracted debate on the future of China's reform, known as the "third debate on the reform", engulfed the Chinese media and cyberspace between late 2004 and late 2007. Old revolutionaries,, left-leaning intellectuals, and grassroots, online critics of market-oriented reforms mounted successive waves of criticism against the further privatization of China's state-owned sector, increasing foreign investment, the entrenchment of private property rights in the Chinese legal system, and the dominance of Western-style market economics in China" - Trans.)

The comrades at the meeting also came to an understanding of North Korea’s achievements in socialist construction and sincerely expressed the wish that the heroic Korean people would be able, under the leadership of the Party and government headed by the great leader General Kim Jong Il, to see in the grand ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the founding of their nation.

Henceforth, the group will take the model of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party as a reference, and popularise the organisational model for the formation of communist groups by comrades throughout the nation. The group agreed with broadening the mass base, with comrades scattered through the following cities establishing communist groups: North China (Beijing, Tianjin, Kaifeng), the Northeast (Changchun, Shenyang), the Northwest (Xi’an), the Southwest (Chengdu, Chongqing), Central China (Wuhan, Changsha), East China (Shanghai, Nanjing) and South China (Guangzhou).

Posted July 12, 2008

(The following comment was made on the announcement above:

Conceal yourselves well, fear no sacrifice, wage continuous struggle, remain faithful and unyielding, and don’t mutiny.

May 4th spirit)

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