Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gillard ditches Rudd, opens doors to mining billionaires

“That’s it - the RSPT is dead!” screamed the headline for Mike Mangan’s commentary piece in the online Business Spectator on 24 June 2010.

He was referring to the palace coup that saw the demise of Kevin Rudd as Australian Prime Minister, and his replacement by DPM Julia Gillard (left).

The resource super profits tax proposal had seen the government outclassed and out-advertised by the local and foreign mining monopolies.

Clive Palmer, billionaire capitalist, boasted that “This is the first time in Australia’s history that a prime minister has been defeated by a civil campaign of anger.”

Like, as if Clive Palmer, billionaire capitalist and member of the ruling class, would ever tolerate a real civil campaign of anger!

But Dullard has confirmed even these wild ravings by saying that she has “opened the door of the government to the mining companies”.

Now, that’s very reassuring for those of us who have to actually work.

Didn’t someone once say that under capitalism, government was merely the executive committee of the bourgeoisie?

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