Sunday, June 13, 2010

Twiggy Forrest in his workman's clothes

(This is a bit of doggerel directed at two of the richest people in Australia, Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest, left, and Gina Reinhardt, below. Twiggy has been the richest man in Australia, but has currently dropped to a miserable third place. Gina, the daughter of vile reactionary Lang Hancock, is Australia's richest woman. Both have made their billions from the realisation of the surplus value created by working people employed in the extraction of Australia's vast mineral wealth. Both addressed the recent rent-a-crowd of shareholders and other selfish nobodies assembled in Perth to oppose the proposed tax on mining super-profits.)

Twiggy Forrest in his workman's clothes
(With his workman's bank account - as everybody knows!)
Will be forced to live on the bones of his arse
If he's taxed at the level of the working class.

Gina Reinhardt, looking very sad,
"It's all my money - I got it from my Dad";
But that bastard pinched it from the labouring crew -
The work of the many for the wealth of a few.

A resource profit super tax
Such a mild move for all their wild attacks
When we socialise the mines at a later hour
Then we'll see them weep 'cos we'll hold state power.

And we'll dress Mr Twiggy like a working man,
And he can irrigate the desert with a watering can
Which we'll fill forever down the years
With Gina Reinhardt's well-deserved tears!

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